How to protect your Crypto wallet for high security
In our research we’ve learned that 90% of all hacks start with your desktop computer
There are ways for hackers to target smart phones using sim swaps or sketchy apps but lets for now focus on your desktop security.
As much as we would recommend having the latest antivirus we now know that malware can easily bypass most standard services offered to noncommercial customers.

So how do we prevent a hack?

Your browser security
If you are using chrome or safari you’re browser saves your password and other information such as your address, phone number, credit card information, sites you visited and the user and passwords to login to them and more…

As much as it is convenient and saves you the hassle of remembering your credentials and typing in your details you are also subject to hackers getting access to all of that data as part of priming, you’re your account for a takeover.

Here is what we recommend doing:
  • Go to your preferences or settings in Chrome, you will find it at the top right tab
  • Click on the 3 dots and follow the drop down menu
  • Go to settings
  • Go to autofill
  • Password manager
  • Disable the Offer to save passwords
  • Scroll down and you’ll see all of your saved passwords
  • To the right of each listing you will see an icon of an Eye and to the right of it 3 dots
  • Click in each 3 dot and chose REMOVE!
We would suggest to remove all the ones that refer to anything that might be extra sensitive
Banking, crypto, credit cards and anything you believe you might want to protect a bit more.
To the left of your screen under Autofill you will find : Privacy and security
Click on that tab
To the right of it you will find several options pick the first one
Clear browsing history – and click : Clear data
Go to Cookies and other data sites
Make sure that first option Allow all cookies  -   is NOT CHECKED
Go to Extensions
On this page look carefully at your list and make sure you either recognize all of the extensions or just delete all (we highly recommend just deleting all of them)
Email security
Now that we know the most vulnerable spots in your desktop is your Browser and your email account. Lets identify a few thing that might alert you in your email account.
A, Use the Defindor app to move all communication between any bank or crypto wallet or exchange out of your Gmail or other mail service you are using.
The Defindor system will scan for any phishing emails and odd data that is emailed to you to trick you to click on something that will look very valid and real.

Don’t click on any email that tells you that your account has been compromised, click on the link to login to your account /lock your account or any other instruction that requires you to click on anything.

If you do want to check you account for any concern
Open a new tab in Incognito mode (stealth mode) type in the address of the exchange or wallet that you want to see if all is fine. ( or any address with the correct spelling)And login typing the user name and password. Hackers will work very hard to get you to click on a link that will take you to and address that look very similar to the real one ( or any other creative variation that they created) this method accounts to 66% of all hacks and is very easy to miss.
Social Engineering
Make sure you give ZERO information over the phone to anyone claiming they are from a fraud department of any exchange or wallet provider. NO ONE WILL EVER, EVER CALL YOU! They can sound very legit and at times might have some of your information, they will sound convincing, if you are not sure if they are real ask for their phone number and google the number to see if the platform they claim to be part of has that number in the support page!
You might get a pop up on your screen telling you “Your account has been compromise please call this number immediately to secure your account!” That message is FAKE it will look as real as it gets, logos, fonts, 1800 number the whole 9yards. DON’T EVER CALL THAT NUMBER ITS FAKE!

Anytime you discuss Crypto on Facebook groups, Twitter, discord, reddit and any other forum there’s bots that look for these keywords and conversations and if they can find a name, an email address, a user name or anything that can lead to you. Well you’ve been targeted!
Try to avoid sharing that you have Crypto.
If you stay vigilant and use the Defindor App to prevent hackers from completing their task and steal your funds you are 99% safe from experiencing the worst that can happen!